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Keramiska / Ceramic

High peak power or impulse energy

Kolmassa / Carbon Composition

Improved pulse endurance characteristics compared to carbon film devices. Low Inductive. Wide resistance range is available.

Metallfilm / Metalfilm

Low TCR & noise. High Accuracy (tight tolerances)

Metallfolie / Metal Foil

Very low and stable TCRs. High Accuracy (tight tolerances

Metalloxid / Metaloxide

Low cost. Low noise. Wide resistance range is available Can be used as substitute for wire wound

Metallstrip / Tråd ( Lågohm / Shuntmotstånd ) / Metal Band

Surge / Current sensing applications. Negligible Inductance.

Trådlindade / Wirewound

Low TCR & noise and high stability. Low Inductance and pulse available. Low resistance, High Power range is available.

Tunnfilm / Thin Film

Extremely stable (low TCR). Low Noise (parasitic capacitance and resistance). Excellent High Frequency Performance. High Accuracy (tight tolerances). High Voltage

Tjockfilm / Thick Film (Metalglaze)

High Voltage, high energy/pulse, high stability. High resistance range is available.



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