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"Competence, Versatility and Quality"

TS Connect AB / Universal Import is a leading supplier of Custom made Cables and Wire Harnesses, Standard Cables and Components.

Our Manufacturers and Suppliers are located outside of Sweden. Mostly in Asia. Becuse of this TS Connect AB have the possibility to effectively produce our products to the best available cost and Quality that meet the demands from the industriell market.  TS Connect AB monitor the production process to have control over the quality and leadtime.

TS Connect AB was founded in 1982 and have during the years changed ownership and developed and recruited competence to the business.

Universal Import became a part of our company in March 2012 . Becuse of this we can support the market with a wide range of components for Electronics and PCB.

Universal Import is a distributor of Electro Mechanical and passive Components. Read More

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